Contemplative Charism

We are an Institute of Religious Life among those "which are wholly ordered to contemplation" (CIC c.674) as Nuns of the Order of Saint Benedict. Our vocation is to consecrate ourselves to God alone, by means of constant prayer and joyful penance, in solitude and silence.

The precept that St. Benedict gives (Rule chapter 4) "to prefer nothing to the love of Christ" is a perfect expression of this spiritual calling. As Oblates Sisters of the family of St. Benedict, we nourish our contemplative life especially in the chants of the Divine Office, "seven times each day and once at night".

Our oratory is a public oratory and all are welcome to pray anytime during the day and attend Mass. We have Mass in our Oratory daily about 10 minutes after the monk's Low Mass except on Sundays and special feast days. The schedule is posted in the vestibule of our Oratory.

If you are discerning religious life we welcome women ages 35 and younger to visit and experience our contemplative life. Please schedule a visit through the contact page.

Margaret Mary